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Goodbye Thailand

Day 10

I can’t believe this is the end of our trip, but I guess like every vacation I wish it could’ve lasted a bit longer. We decided to take a tuk tuk from our hotel to the airport. The tuk tuk was basically a modified tricycle with a roof, we have seen them all over the place during our trip but we thought it would be a fun thing to leave for our last day. It was easily one of the scariest things we did while we were here. The Cars were flying by us, everyone was honking and I’m pretty sure I let out a scream or two during the ride. Overall it was such a great trip and I don’t think this is our last time in Thailand.


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Phuket Town

Day 9

Today will be our last day/night in Phuket and in Thailand for tomorrow we will be saying good bye. We woke early and decided to spend the day shopping, site seeing, and exploring Phuket Town. We first went to visit the weekend market where we picked up a stylish Thai umbrella. Jamie bought a green one with white flowers and I picked up a blue one with decorative trees and flowers. We also sample a lot of delicious boiled buttered corn on the cob, spicy sausages, grilled chicken, fishcakes, exotic fruit and even deep-fried insects which was definitely interesting but not a good idea… We then made our way to Monkey Hill where we heard this is the closest you can come to macaques. We enjoyed a show that was brought on by one of the locals and all he really did was call out to the named macaques and feed them various fruits. He assured us that these macaques are not aggressive and will not approach you however the macaques down at the temple will approach you so we’ve been told. We finished our day here at the Monkey Hill and headed back towards our hotel where we decided to absorb the last bit of sun down by the pool and relax before the flight home tomorrow. So much to do… so little time.


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Phang Nga Bay

Day 8

Today we decided to sleep a little more into the morning before kicking off our day with a nice breakfast. After breakfast we called for the local taxi and demanded they use the meter the next 20-30 minute drive to Phang Nga Bay. Once we arrived we first went to visit the Phang Nga Baqy National Park where we observed hundreds of limestone cliffs rising over the sea and toured the famous James Bond Island. We decided we wanted a closer look at all the cliffs so we rented a sea canoe and canoe our way through the island taking in the nature and capturing many memories. We felt so little among the cliffs and all the birds and tropical fish were all very different and beautiful. We took our canoe into one of the many caves but were soon creep out by the many bats and the darkness. No more caves for us… At one point we didn’t know where we were among the cliffs until we spotted other tourist canoeing and decided to follow them back to shore. But before we decided to end our trip we decided to take one last canoe trip to Koh Panyee to meet the local villagers and eat the local island Thai food which was just what we needed. Today was yet another great day in Thailand. Only 2 more days until this great adventure will come to an end.

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Relaxation in Phuket

Day 7

We took a short flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket where we decided to travel locally by taking the local city bus. This trip cost us 15 baht each and was only a 30 minute bus ride to Patong where our hotel was just a few steps away from the stop. Once we arrive at our hotel called the Andatel Patong Phuket we settled into our new room for our last journey in Thailand. Our room was similar to the homestay in Chiang Mai but this hotel had a pool which we figured we wouldn’t be spending any time in it considering the beach is not too far away. By the time we were all settled in it was about dinner time where we had the famous Pad Thai. Back home Pad Thai is good but when you have Pad Thai in Thailand it’s delicious. I could eat this dish everyday. Pad Thai is basically noodles stir fried with vegetables tofu and eggs. You can also add shrimp, beef or chicken and top it with peanuts. Jamie had Khao Pad which is fried rice made with fried with pork or chicken, chilies and fish sauce. Our dinner was so filly we decided to hit the sack for the day and start fresh in the morning.


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Long Necks of Chiang Mai

Day 6

Our third and last day in Chiang Mai we decided to spend it on an unforgettable and skin crawling experience. Today was yet again an early beginning but with so much to see and do we definitely cannot afford to waste a single day. We were picked up at our home stay and were driven north where we took up the opportunity to observe and photograph the traditional farmlands and local houses built in the traditional Thai style. At Chiang Dao cave, the caverns stretch deep into the mountain and only a small portion is possible to explore. There were 2 caves named Tham Phra Nawn and Tham Seua Dao that were illuminated by electric lights which was quite the sight. Then, our trip continues to visit the Karen long neck tribe village where they are famous for wearing golden rings around their necks, arms, and legs. Because these golden rings are put around their bodies at a young age, they’re neck becomes elongated. This has brought on the name of the tribe.

After our amazing experiences with the villagers it was time to have a quick lunch stop at the local market they call Mae Ma Lai. This market is famous for their fresh water tropical fish and jungle vegetables that have been described as a rare market of its kind and not found anywhere else in the world. On our way back to our home stay we stopped by another orchid and butterfly farm that was similar to the one yesterday. We took the opportunity to surround ourselves in the aroma and touch of each flower on our last tour in Chiang Mai. Another day well spent and a lot of memories captured.
Heres just an important travel trip when traveling anywhere in Thailand: always use licensed taxis from official taxi stands, limousine services, or official airport buses, or arrange to be picked up by hotel shuttle services. Unlicensed vehicles (black and white license plates) are not properly insured to carry passengers and may not use meters. Absolutely do not share a taxi with strangers even if they seem very friendly.


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